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Appraisal and Valuation Services to the Rail Industry

Kenneth Young & Associates is a multi-disciplined appraisal and valuation firm with experience and expertise in the valuation of rail related tangible assets. Our rail valuation practice provides a multiple of services to the rail transportation industry and to the financial and banking institutions servicing such enterprises. Our team approach to valuation, including real estate and engineering expertise, has proven most effective in developing a comprehensive railroad valuation and consulting practice. Kenneth Young & Associates has and continues to perform railroad consulting services and valuation studies for many purposes. Examples of such services include the following:

Right-of-Way Valuations

- To assist in mergers and acquisitions
- For tax issues, i.e. donations or the fair allocation of a purchase price
- For asset based financing
- For line sale or dispositions
- STB abandonment petitions (Net Liquidation Values - track & real estate)
- To assist in litigation or condemnation proceedings
- Appraisals for RRIF Loan FRA applications

Donation or bargain sale of R-O-W for “Rails to Trails” purposes.

- Establish basis for Fair Market Value
- Value bridges and earthwork for donation purposes

Surplus Property Studies

- Assistance in creating real estate inventory
- To generate capital
- To increase lease revenue
- For disposition or donation
- For disposition or transfer of properties from operating to surplus state.

Our group includes real estate professionals who are specialists in appraising railroad real estate. Many are currently certified and hold designations with the Appraisal Institute. Kenneth Young, owner and director of the firm has personally appraised over 25,000 miles of railroad right-of-way plus numerous track structure improvements throughout North America.

Kenneth Young & Associates is confident of fulfilling your valuation needs. We offer a comprehensive package in terms of track and real estate appraisal services. Kenneth Young, Director of Rail Services has performed valuation and appraisal assignments for the Class 1 carriers, regional carriers and holding companies, and many of the independent short lines.






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